Mastering the art of Instagram

InstagramIf you’re already on Instagram, then you’re among the 1.4 billion users making it the fourth most ‘active’ social media platform.  With a more visual format, it’s also one of the easiest to get right.  Here’s the latest insight from Insta expert, Tasha Meys, who co-hosts the top ranked Instagram podcast: Ace The Gram.

Q: Does every business need to use Instagram?
A: If you’re a ‘business to customer’ business and not utilising Instagram, you’re missing out on valuable marketing opportunities.  Not only does Instagram allow you to get in front of people in a place where they’re already scrolling (unlike a website) but people often use Instagram as social proofing* pre or post purchase.

Q: How is it good for your bottom line?
A: For many brands we know, Instagram is one of their primary traffic drivers to their website.  It can easily translate directly to sales or act as a powerful community builder for your brand

Q: What makes the best content?
A: Your content will only perform well if it’s giving value to your audience in some form.  This could be through humour, aspiration, education, creativity, or inspiration.

Q: Do I need to be a pro camera person?
A: If you’re a super high-end brand where your target audience expects high-end content, then yes.  Otherwise just match your content to your brand personality.

Q: What are some tips and tricks?
A: Use reels.  They’re the best way to grow right now as they’re shown to more people than your followers and the algorithm loves them.

Q: What makes it easier for business owners?
A: Schedule posts so you don’t have to spend your life on Instagram.  Batch content from photoshoot days then schedule them.

Q: Where should business owners go for inspiration?
A: Spend time mindfully on Instagram and pay attention to which brands and people you enjoy following.  Analyse why you like their content and brainstorm how you could use that inspiration to uplevel your own strategy.  Also, listen to Ace the Gram podcast for all the social media marketing tips and news you need.

*Social proofing is an extra check to get a feel for a brand. It can cause a feeling of unease or distrust if a business doesn’t have an Instagram account or if they have a ‘bad Instagram’ while an account with great photos reinforces positive feelings and trust.